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2590 Interiors is a turnkey company and you as the client can choose which stages of the project you wish to proceed with or if you just would like some commissioned artwork. It is as easy as that. 

Spatial Design

As a professionals we have worked with a wide range of businesses and individuals. We care most about satisfying the needs of my clients, and will go the extra mile to meet their specific requests. One of the first stages of creating your space is a furniture layout which is always agreed upon moving on to other stages so everyone has a clear vision and direction.

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Interior Designing

Residential Interior Design

Our main profession lies in our 10 years experience of Residential Interior Design. From Apartments in London to vast bungalows in India we are able to advise on your needs. There is no limit to working with you as we work on E-Design alongside full homes. Being flexible and worldwide is a service we pride ourselves with. 


To make a new space and home may seem daunting at first, where endless choices can create confusions. This is where 2590 Interiors will assist you in any size query you have. Sometimes you may only have one element to change in your home and would like some professional advise, again we are here to help. From changing your favourite sofa upholstery to new curtains in your home we deem every little change just as important as the big ones.



Whether it is adding the finishing touches to the end of your interior project or if it is styling your home for a beautiful dinner party we are equipped with every theme or elegant touch you wish. 

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Commercial Design

From your Office, Restaurant or Cafe we are able to curate space and design together to help you idealise your business.  Each business is personal and we never repeat designs as we take you through your design journey.

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Having an office in India we are able to provide a full even package for weddings to home events. Our design and vast list of vendors which we have worked together for years can allow us to conduct your event so you are able to enjoy all the moments with family and friends.

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